16-18 September 2022 with Hedwig Bakker

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We are more than two years into the pandemic. You probably have dug deep into yourself to keep it together, stay afloat, remain balanced and trying to cope with the ever-changing outer situation.
You might feel worn out, be done with it, or wonder from where to get the necessary energy to keep going.
We all know how it feels to be overwhelmed by uncertainty and change. It is our deeply ingrained habit to seek solid ground, and we often find ourselves grasping for it.

Externally we hardly have any power or control, but where we have power is internally: in our minds, in our hearts and in our energy system. Realizing this is the starting point for tapping into your own inner resources & strengths. We need these inner resources to navigate the many external challenges we face these days. When we find acceptance about what is beyond our control, we can learn how to relax into our areas of powerlessness. Not only does this help us to release tension and fear, but it creates space to embrace fully where we do have power and strength.

In this retreat we will work on developing resiliency: building strength & flexibility.
Resilience is acknowledging & accepting that life is up & down, that there is pain & pleasure, comfort & discomfort, easy & unease. These are just facts of life. We cannot always be up, there is a flux & flow. We cannot have light if there is no dark, we cannot be up if there is no down. Make space for all polarities because they are part of life. We breathe in, we breathe out and use challenges to strengthen our ability to stay grounded and relaxed. Learn that however much is going on inside yourself or externally: behind it all is an abiding presence: calm, clear, open and peaceful. Connecting with this abiding presence, having that spaciousness enables you to hold the complexities of life: holding still in the middle of a storm.


We will practice sitting meditation, walking meditation and Qi Gong based movements. Qi Gong (pronounced chi kung) is a natural and gentle movement practice, very suitable to build strength & flexibility in body, mind, and emotions.

What to expect:
-Learn how to relax with uncertainty and change
-Embrace the ever-changing nature of life, of all phenomena, including yourself
-Explore how to turn uncertainty and difficulty into strength.
-Develop your own strategy for remaining calm & grounded in challenging times
-Learn how to turn stress into vitality & relaxation


This retreat is suitable for anyone interested in this topic, no previous experience required.
If you wish, bring a notebook and pen to write down some workable tools, instructions, experiences, insights.

6 pm: Dinner
7.30pm: Welcome & Introduction to the Retreat
7-7.45am: Sitting Practice and setting a Motivation for the day
7.45-9am: Breakfast
9-10.30am: Session of Sitting Practice & Movement Practice
10.30-11am: Break
11-12.30pm: Session of Sitting Practice & Movement Practice
12.30pm: Lunch
2-3.30pm: Session of Sitting Practice &  Movement Practice
3.30-4pm: Break
4-5.30pm: Session of Sitting Practice &  Movement Practice
6 pm: Dinner
7.30pm: Guided Meditation
7-7.45 am Sitting Practice and setting a Motivation for the day
7.45am: Breakfast
9-10.30am: Session of Sitting Practice & Movement Practice
10.30-11am: Break
11-12.30pm: Session of Sitting Practice & Movement Practice
12.30pm: Lunch
2-3.15pm: Concluding session of Sitting & Movement


About the Teacher, Hedwig Bakker

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Hedwig has been practicing meditation since 2000 and has completed many individual and group retreats. She has been leading meditation classes, courses and retreats since 2004 in India, Nepal, the Netherlands and New Zealand.

She also is a certified Holden Qi Gong teacher and these many years of personal practice and leading retreats and courses have resulted in a richness of experience and a genuine joy in sharing, guiding and leading others in meditation practice.

Hedwig’s courses and classes are universal and suitable for people from all walks of life. Her approach is joyful, gentle, practical, down to earth, and with a sense of lightness and humour.

Your investment for this retreat is… $200

This covers the centre’s facility fee and fully catered, healthy vegetarian meals (vegan/gluten free options are available).

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