A Series of Weekend Workshops

12-14 Nov and 3-5 Dec 2021


Just as we can heal the body through treatment, so we can open and heal our hearts and feelings through a process of deep self awareness and kind attention. Most often, opening the heart begins by opening to a lifetime’s accumulation of unacknowledged sorrow. At times we may experience this sorrow physically, as contractions and barriers around our hearts.

When we decide to sit and develop meditative attention, the heart presents itself naturally for healing. As we heal through meditation, powerful emotions and deep unspoken parts of ourselves arise; our task is to acknowledge, recognize them and allow them to sing their songs. As we listen to the songs of our fears, unworthiness or hurt, we discover that they do not stay forever, that healing is possible and our hearts gradually soften and find release.

In truly listening to our painful songs, we can learn the art of forgiveness, calmness and acceptance. Indeed, in accepting the songs of our life, we can begin to create for ourselves a much deeper and greater identity in which our hearts hold all within a space of boundless compassion. Allowing ourselves to grow into our fullest, most compassionate identity, the greatness of our hearts, a greater sense of peace and joy will arise. Using our own wisdom, we can find the inner medicine to heal our shadows. Our hearts can grow strong at the broken places.

Most often this healing work is difficult to do on our own, we need some sort of support or an ally. These workshops have the aim to provide that support through Buddhist meditation, psychology and group discussions, in a safe and conducive environment.

These workshops will start at 4pm on the Friday, so participants are requested to arrive and complete check in by 3:30pm. They will conclude after lunch on the Sunday (usually around 2pm).

About the Teacher, Venerable Thubten Khadro


This retreat is guided by Ven. Khadro, who has a unique gift to make these authentic, ancient teachings relevant to the 21st century and our modern lives.

Ven. Khadro was born in Venezuela of European parents, emigrated to New Zealand in 2004, and has led courses and retreats for FPMT Centers in NZ, Australia, India, Nepal, Germany, Spain, US and Latin America. Her international background allows her to have an open, friendly and warm manner. Ven Khadro is a FPMT Registered Teacher; currently studying in an online Master Program in Buddhist Philosophy, is a Buddhist Hospice / Healthcare Chaplain, a 16 Guidelines Accredited Facilitator and has served in various FPMT centres around the world.

Your investment for each workshop is… $160

This covers the centre’s facility fee and fully catered, healthy vegetarian meals (vegan/gluten free options are available).

12~14 Nov: Working with patience & forgiveness to heal                         unwholesome anger, hurt & distrust

3~5 Dec: Working with calmness & contentment to                             heal stress, anxiety & fear

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Accommodation is available at the Centre at an additional cost. When making your booking or booking enquiry, please let us know the type of accommodation you prefer and we will get back to you. (Please note that accommodation for group retreats cannot be booked directly through the online booking system on our Accommodation page.)

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Accommodation prices per night


Camping per person (unpowered)                                    $20

Dormitory per person (shared toilet facilities)                  $32

Single room (shared toilet facilities)                                  $55

Rustic single hut (shared toilet facilities)                           $55

Single cabin (self-contained)                                            $100

Double room (shared toilet facilities)                                $76 (for 2)

Double cabin (self- contained)                                         $100 (for 2)

Triple room                                                                            $94 (for 3)