with Geshe Thupten Wangchen

16 April Teachings on the Heart Sutra

17-18 April Manjushri Teachings and Jenang

Join us for the Jenang, the retreat, or both!

Manjushri is the Buddha personifying Supreme Wisdom. His name in Sanskrit means “gentle, or sweet, glory”; he is also known as Mãnjughoṣa “sweet voice”. His right hand holds aloft the flaming sword of wisdom to cut through our ignorance, confusion and internal obstacles, his left hand holds the Prajñāpāramitā - the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra. 


What are the incredible benefits of doing Manjushri practice?

- You will develop wisdom, inner clarity and sharpness of mind

- Dullness, ignorance and obscurations will be cleared away

- Your memory will be enhanced

- The understanding of reality's interdependence and lack of intrinsic nature will mature

- It leaves incredible positive imprints for future lifetimes

- Connects you with the Buddha of Wisdom

- Compassion & Bodhichitta will flourish in your heart

- Emptiness will swiftly be realized 

- You will quickly achieve enlightenment


Jenang Information

Jenang is a ceremony where a "permission to practice" a particular Tantric practice is given by a Lama (teacher). Manjushri belongs to Kriya Tantra of the Vajrayana Vehicle.

By taking the jenang one "becomes closer" to the Buddha of Wisdom, committing to: 

  • take the refuge commitments

  • take the wishing and entering Bodhisattva vows

  • create a Guru/Disciple relationship with Geshe Wangchen

  • recite the Manjushri Mantra 21 times every day for the rest of the life

Geshe Wanchen will also give the Oral Transmission/Lung of Chanting the Names of Manjushri. The benefit of taking a lung is that whenever you recite that practice your recitation will be 100.000 times more powerful.


Fri 15 April 

5 - 6pm Welcome Geshe-la to Mahamudra Centre (approximate time) 


Sat 16 April 

10am - 12noon Morning Session: Teachings on the Heart Sutra

2 - 4.30pm Afternoon Session: Teachings on the Heart Sutra


Sun 17 Apr

10am - 12noon Morning Session: Preparatory Teachings on Praise to Manjushri and The Three Principal Aspects of the Path

2 - 4.30pm Afternoon Session: Preparatory Teachings on Praise to Manjushri and The Three Principal Aspects of the Path


Mon 18 Apr

Eight Mahayana Precepts transmission (before dawn - time TBA)

9am Geshe-la will begin preparatory practices in the Gompa

9.30am Manjushri Jenang

12pm Big Love Lunch

About Geshe Thupten Wangchen


Geshe Wangchen came to New Zealand in 2003 at the request of our Spiritual Director, Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Geshe-la is a highly qualified Lharampa Geshe who has done extensive study, retreats and has taught at Kopan monastery in Nepal and at Varanasi University in India. Since arriving in New Zealand he has taught at DCI in Auckland. Read more about Geshe-la here.

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This covers the centre’s facility fee and fully catered, healthy vegetarian meals (vegan/gluten free options are available).

Teaching Weekend 15-18 April - $300

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Accommodation prices per night


Camping per person (unpowered)                                    $25

Dormitory per person (shared toilet facilities)                  $38

Single room (shared toilet facilities)                                  $65

Rustic single hut (shared toilet facilities)                           $65

Single cabin (self-contained)                                            $125

Double room (shared toilet facilities)                                $86 (for 2)

Double cabin (self- contained)                                         $110 (for 2)

Triple room                                                                            $104 (for 3)