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Solitary Retreat Application
To be  received by Mahamudra before booking can be confimed
All information will be kept confidential


Please fill out all sections

We ask that you accept sole responsibility for your personal safety, that you agree to act considerately and responsibly at all times to promote your own and others safety and that you respect the natural environment.

We ask that you abide by the Five Buddhist Precepts:
o To refrain from intentional harm to any sentient being
o To refrain from taking the not given
o To refrain from untruthful speech
o To refrain from sexual misconduct
o To refrain from intoxicants


The retreatant agrees to vacate the premises if Management decides to terminate a retreat. A retreat will be terminated if you are ill prepared in any way for your retreat; we deem you are a risk to your own or other’s safety or wellbeing; you abuse the facilities or environment, you compromise the integrity of the retreat centre.

Please sign a printed copy of your application form when you arrive at Mahamudra Centre

Thank you for your cooperation in filling all sections of this form, we will be in touch as soon as possible.

With kindness

Mahamudra Centre for Universal Unity

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