We welcome volunteers who have a genuine and sincere interest in developing on the spiritual path, and who would like to be an integral part of our spiritual community. Offering service in this way is far more than a convenient lodging, we invite volunteers to live, work, study, practice and meditate with us and to apply compassionate mindfulness, following the Buddhist teachings during their stay. We encourage our volunteers to make the best use of this opportunity and attend all classes, pujas and events.

What the volunteer programme offers

  • Practice together as a community: Morning practice is a 30 minute meditation which starts at 8:00am. 

  • Participation in our retreats and courses: We encourage attendance and offer flexibility around your work hours during these times.

  • One evening a week we come together as a community to share experiences, listen to a Dharma talk or be together in meditation.


Accommodation and meals

We offer free, clean, comfortable accommodation and vegetarian meals. We take turns to prepare lunch. Breakfast and dinner are your own responsibility. All meals are prepared and enjoyed in a peaceful, mindful way. 

The local community

Within the community, you can find yoga practices, two cafes and The Colville store. However, Coromandel Town is a 30 minute drive if you need to visit the local 4 Square.


What our volunteers offer

  • We have learned that the minimum stay of 1 month works best for everyone.

  • Volunteers work 5 hours a day, over the course of 5 days with 2 days off. (2 days off consecutively cannot always be guaranteed).

  • Volunteers offer an initial contribution of $50 for up to one month’s stay and $50 every 4 weeks after that.

  • Typical volunteer activities include cooking, housekeeping, gardening, maintenance, and guest services. We take into account your interests as a volunteer, so if you have any special skills please let us know.

  • We ask all volunteers to abide within the 5 precepts of moral conduct at all times, click here to read about our guidelines.


The natural environment

The centre is surrounded by nature and the atmosphere is one of peace and connection. It is close to beaches and forests which you can explore in your free time.  


Please be aware that there is no public transportation in the area if you are interested in exploring the area.

Although you do not have to be Buddhist to volunteer at Mahamudra Centre, it is really important that volunteers have a positive connection to Buddhist Dharma and abide by the Centre guidelines.

We’re grateful for any offering of special skills. Some examples of current needs include digital archiving, library cataloging, spiritual program support, painting, carpentry, and more.

Thanks for your interest!

From Our Spiritual Director, Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Lama Zopa Rinpoche says that centres like Mahamudra exist as places for us to purify our negative imprints and create merit. As one offers service at a dharma centre, one person can feel totally blessed, while another can find it quite challenging. But always it is an unbelievably precious and valuable opportunity for practice and growth.

“What you are doing here is the most important work in the world. In your life, the most important work is to help others with good heart, with love and compassion…Other beings need our help so much. It is best to think of others’ happiness. By doing good things for others – if we help others with good heart, love and compassion – this results in happiness. Making others physically and mentally happy, this one act makes both of you happy for all your future lives. This brings happiness to the whole world.”

                                                        ~Lama Zopa Rinpoche, 4th January 2006