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A puja is a prayer ritual which including chanting, offerings and meditation, done to become closer to a specific Buddha or Buddhas. 

Based on advice from our Spiritual Director, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Mahamudra Centre holds regular pujas on auspicious days according to the Tibetan lunar calendar.


See the Puja Schedule on our home page

You can join the Puja via Zoom.

Please contact us and you will be put onto the Puja email list and be contacted with the zoom link prior to a puja being held. 


To dedicate a prayer for a loved one or to sponsor a puja please click here.

Medicine Buddha Puja

Medicine Buddha is the manifestation of the healing energy of all enlightened beings. Prayers to the Medicine Buddhas are especially powerful because of the extensive prayers they made to benefit sentient beings. They strongly prayed for the temporal and ultimate happiness of all beings, and vowed that their prayers would be actualized during these times.

Medicine Buddha Puja is beneficial for healing of body and mind, and benefiting the ill and recently deceased. Chanted in English.


Guru Puja with Tsog

Prayers and special offerings to the Spiritual Teacher (Guru) to accumulate merit for the Centre and anyone participating. For Rinpoche’s students, tsog offering is also a commitment if you have highest yoga tantra initiation. Depending on the chantmaster, the puja may be in English or Tibetan, or a mix.

“Guru Puja is the essential practice… This practice of Guru Puja is very profound, with many extra benefits, and is very quick to bring enlightenment. The lamrim prayer, the prayer of the steps of the path to enlightenment, Guru Puja has lamrim and also lojong, or thought transformation. Generally, the whole of the lamrim, from guru devotion up to enlightenment, is thought transformation.

If your mind is not transformed into the path, how can you have realizations of the path? There’s no way, without transforming your mind. All the lamrim realizations—guru devotion, perfect human rebirth (its usefulness and the difficulty of finding it again), impermanence and death and so forth—are lojong, thought transformation. … The lamrim prayer in Guru Puja contains all the profound, vital points of the complete path of sutra and tantra.” ~Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Tara Puja

Tara Puja includes extensive prayers and offerings to Buddha Tara, who removes obstacles and swiftly accomplishes whatever is most beneficial. The Tara Puja, Liberation from Sorrow, includes a special prayer Praises to the Twenty-one Taras.

Tara is a female Buddha, a manifestation of the ultimate wisdom of all the Buddhas. Each of the Twenty-one Taras is a manifestation of the principal Tara, Green Tara. Tara is also known as the ‘Mother of the Conquerors’.

Chanted mostly in English, some parts may be in Tibetan.


We are offering online pujas 

Contact us to receive the text and Zoom instructions.

Everyone warmly welcome!

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