How to Discover our True Nature

Retreat with Venerable Robina

5-14 August 2022

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According to Buddha’s amazing view about the human mind, we all have so much potential. The very word “buddha” in Sanskrit – expresses this potential. “Bud” implies the total eradication from our mind of all ego, all fears, attachment, anger, jealousy and other states of mind that cause us so much pain. “Dha” implies the development to perfection of all the goodness within us: love, compassion, wisdom, confidence.

About the Retreat

Lama Yeshe explains so clearly, so simply, how to get in touch with that natural potential through meditation on the mind itself, the unique characteristic of mahamudra meditation.

As Lama says, “In Mahamudra meditation there is no doctrine, no theology, no philosophy, no God, no Buddha. We go beyond name, beyond shape and color, beyond the relative, beyond self-image, beyond compassion.”

Venerable Robina Courtin, a close disciple of Lama Yeshe, edited his book: Mahamudra: How to Develop Our True Nature. Join us for 10 days of retreat on Mahamudra guided by the incredible Venerable Robina.  A once in a lifetime experience.

It will be possible to join this retreat both online and IN PERSON! We have limited numbers available to join this retreat in person. 

The retreat will start on the Saturday morning , so participants are requested to arrive and complete check in on Friday. The retreat will conclude after lunch on the Sunday (usually around 2pm). Guests are most welcome to stay extra days before and after the retreat.

About the Teacher, Venerable Robina Courtin


Venerable Robina has led an extremely active and inspiring life—from her dynamic work as an editor of a wide variety of Buddhist books, to her Buddhist teaching activities that traverse the globe. She is the founder of the Liberation Prison Project, which brings free Dharma into prisons all around the world:


As a teacher Venerable Robina is a dynamic with great skill in articulating the Dharma for Western audiences, in a style that combines wit, sharp insight, and deep compassion. She has been ordained since the 1970s and working and teachings for FPMT since then.

To learn more about Ven. Robina please visit her website:

$1,080 in person
(course fee only, we have limited accommodation available, please let us know your accommodation preference)
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$500 online

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Accommodation prices per night

Single room (shared toilet facilities) $65

Single cabin (self-contained)  $125

Double room shared toilet facilities $100 (for 2 - must be travelling together)

Double cabin self- contained $170 (for 2 must be travelling together)