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11 - 15 October 2023

About the Retreat

Death is a natural event, but because we have so much attachment to this life, this body, this self, we cannot stand the thought of death.


As Lama Zopa Rinpoche says in his new book, How to Face Death Without Fear, "Death itself is not what causes fear. It is simply the consciousness leaving the body; one labels death on that event. There is no terrifying death from its own side; the terrifying death is made up by our own mind. We have made death terrifying. What causes the worry and fear, what makes death so difficult is attachment, desire, clinging: to this life, to the body, possessions, family, friends and so forth.”


Because of this fear, we simply don’t believe we will die. Or if we do think about death it’s always someone else who dies. But it’s not enough to be sad, to have compassion. The way to make it real, to get the wake-up call, is every time we hear about death, read about it, talk about it, just remember: that will be me, that will be me.


Then, knowing that we’re in charge, not a creator or anyone else, and understanding well the workings of the natural law of karma - that every thought and action leaves a seed in our mind that will just naturally ripen as our future experiences - we will lead a meaningful life and thus be prepared for death and our next rebirth.


And then we can help others. As Rinpoche says, “Helping our loved ones at the time of death is the best service we can offer them, our greatest gift, Why? Because death is the most important time of life: it’s at death that the next rebirth is determined.”


During this course we will go through the crucial teachings and practices laid out in this handbook that prepare us for this natural event so that we can accept it and face it without fear, and thus be qualified to help our loved ones do the same.

It will be possible to join this retreat both online and IN PERSON! We have limited numbers available to join this retreat in person. 

About the Teacher, Venerable Robina Courtin


Venerable Robina has led an extremely active and inspiring life—from her dynamic work as an editor of a wide variety of Buddhist books, to her Buddhist teaching activities that traverse the globe. She is the founder of the Liberation Prison Project, which brings free Dharma into prisons all around the world:


As a teacher Venerable Robina is a dynamic with great skill in articulating the Dharma for Western audiences, in a style that combines wit, sharp insight, and deep compassion. She has been ordained since the 1970s and working and teachings for FPMT since then.

To learn more about Ven. Robina please visit her website:

$750 in person

$400 online
all sessions will be streamed live via zoom

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Accommodation is available at the Centre at an additional cost. When making your booking or booking enquiry, please let us know the type of accommodation you prefer and we will get back to you. (Please note that accommodation for group retreats cannot be booked directly through the online booking system on our Accommodation page.)

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Accommodation prices per night


Camping per person (unpowered)                              $20

Dormitory per person (shared toilet facilities)            $38

Single room (shared toilet facilities)                             $60-$65

Rustic single hut (shared toilet facilities)                      $65

Single cabin (self-contained)                                        $110

Double room (shared toilet facilities)                           $86 (for 2)

Double cabin (self- contained)                                     $120-$150 (for 2)

Triple room                                                                       $104 (for 3)

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