Dear Mahamudra friends and community members,


Like FPMT centres and projects around the world, the trustees and staff of Mahamudra Centre have been working hard to fulfil our core purpose: to provide the dharma in these uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic while keeping our resident sangha, staff, volunteers, guests and local community safe.


We are responding to change on multiple fronts. Our beloved teacher Ven Khadro is on a leave of absence caring for her mother. Our new director has been unable to travel to New Zealand yet to take up her role, and Roy Fraser has very kindly acted in this capacity for [HOW LONG? A YEAR?]. This month I took up the responsibility of acting director.


The trustees carried out a comprehensive risk assessment with our staff, as required by government regulations. On that basis, it became clear that Mahamudra Centre would need to operate in a My Vaccine Pass environment. This applies to all our accommodation-only guests (of which there are quite a few of over the summer period, bringing in much needed income) and for those attending the retreats and workshops held at Mahamudra Centre for the foreseeable future.


Taking everything into consideration, we have sadly made the decision to postpone our retreats scheduled for January. All pujas will be online only for the time being. We will re-evaluate the situation in late January—after the summer holidays and when New Zealand will know more about the impact of the Omicron variant.


On behalf of Mahamudra, I extend heartfelt apologies to those friends and community members who were planning to attend courses or retreats during January. Our accommodation remains available for those with a My Vaccine Pass, and a discounted rate is offered to dharma students wishing to do their own retreat for a week or more.


We are in the process of upgrading our internet capability so that we will be able to livestream pujas, retreats and workshops from the gompa. In this way we can still provide the dharma to our community—we know it is needed now more than ever.


The trustees are very grateful to our staff and outgoing volunteers who have been working very hard in this fast-changing and challenging environment.

Kind regards



Katrina Robertson

Acting Director