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1 June 2022


Dear Mahamudra friends and community members,

It is with some delight that I can give you a far more positive update than my one in December which needed to be focused on what we had to do because of the Covid outbreak last year and the government regulations that had come into effect.

In January, Lama Zopa Rinpoche called Ven Khadro to work at Kopan and so we lost our wonderful resident teacher. In January our lovely SPC Jen decided she was ready to return to the UK and start some further personal education leaving our very capable Centre Manger Helen and myself, a very part-time director to carry on.

Thanks to some wonderful advice from Geshe Wangchen, our fortunes have improved dramatically and we now have Ven Yeshe from Chenrezig Institute in Queensland, who has just received her Getsul vows from Rinpoche this month in Kopan, starting in mid-August as our new SPC.

We have had a successful autumn season with a wonderful retreat over Easter with Geshe Wangchen doing a Manjushri initiation and teachings on the Heart Sutra.

Hedwig has been running a regular programme of meditation and Qi Gong retreats through autumn and there were 17 people staying and participating here last weekend with very positive feedback about how beneficial these weekends are for all who attend. 

In addition to that, we have Ven Tony Beaumont, also from Chenrezig Institute, staying here for 4 months doing personal retreat. He will be staying on to teach our summer programme for the upcoming season.  Ven Tony is a very experienced and highly respected teacher, and we are very excited to have him with us.

In early August we have the incomparable Ven Robina leading a Mahamudra Retreat for 10 days.  Then in September we have the very experienced Ven Wangchuk from Nalanda Institute in France leading a 3-week Yamantaka retreat for students who have had this initiation.

So we have a very full and exciting programme for the months ahead!

We have been catching up on some overdue repairs and maintenance, renovating the Sukhavati hut, painting some of the accommodation rooms around the Gompa, pruning trees and making a start to get the gardens back under control.

Our marble statue of Ksitigarbha has been installed which is a delight.

There is a lot happening here at Mahamudra Centre and we can’t wait to see you 😊.

Kind regards

Katrina Robertson


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