Mahamudra Centre for Universal Unity is a peaceful and welcoming Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Centre on the stunning Coromandel Peninsula, affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT).

We offer opportunities to reflect and meditate on the authentic teachings of the Buddha through a variety of
events and retreats in a kind and respectful  environment. Our Retreat Centre is an ideal place to develop inner peace, clarity, compassion, wisdom and happiness in daily life.

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Mahamudra Centre follows the FPMT Ethical Policy, a code of conduct which helps create and maintain a harmonious environment that is safe, respectful and supportive of Buddhist practice within the FPMT organisation.  You will find our Protection from Abuse policy here>>>

If you need to report an incident of abuse contact our Designated Protection Person

Helen Sales 07 866 6851 or 021 470 576




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This is a FREE EVENT

In a similar way that light dispels darkness, wisdom/understanding dispels ignorance and despair and kindness/compassion dispels hostility and resentment.

 The light offering practice is an opportunity to acknowledge the problems we may have caused for ourselves and others during the year and see in the new year with a renewed wish to be a better person and to be a much needed positive influence in the world.

The light offering practice involves those attending, to light the tealights, invoke all the healing energy in the world, and recite buddhist prayers with an altruistic motivation. 

People can also write the names of loved ones who have recently died, are in the process of dying or are undergoing difficulties and dedicate the benefit of engaging in the practice to their welfare.

The ceremony will take approximately 45 minutes

*** Pujas will be online via zoom until further notice ***

email spc@mahamudra.org.nz if you would like to be sent the link

Dates to be confimed


Dates to be confimed

Dates to be confimed



Dedicate a prayer to a loved one. We will read their name and your message during our weekly schedule of pujas and practices.

Hire the centre for your event
Like-minded organizations and groups can also rent our facilities. You do not have to be a Buddhist to visit or participate in activities – everyone is welcome!
For more information please email spc@mahamudra.org.nz