Mahamudra Centre re-opens in February.

It is possible to book one of our self-contained cabins for your personal retreat (for those with a My Vaccine Pass).

Contact us to make your booking.

Read the letter from our acting director on Mahamudra Centre's response to the Covid-19 pandemic




Mahamudra Centre for Universal Unity is a peaceful and welcoming Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Centre on the stunning Coromandel Peninsula, affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT).

We offer opportunities to reflect and meditate on the authentic teachings of the Buddha through a variety of
events and retreats in a kind and respectful  environment. Our Retreat Centre is an ideal place to develop inner peace, clarity, compassion, wisdom and happiness in daily life.


Pujas are only online for the foreseeable future. Click here for the Zoom information.

4pm 27th January

4pm 11th February

4pm 26th February

4pm 3rd March

4pm 12th March

4pm 27th March

4pm 11th April

4pm 25th April

4pm 11th May

4pm 25th May


4pm 20th January

4pm 9th February

4pm 10th March

4pm 9th April

4pm 9th May

4pm 16th February

4pm 18 March

4pm 16 April

4pm 16 May



Dedicate a prayer to a loved one. We will read their name and your message during our weekly schedule of pujas and practices.


Spiritual Support

Venerable Khadro, a resident nun at Mahamudra, is happy to support anyone on their spiritual path or wishing to do a solo/group retreat at Mahamudra. She is also a qualified Buddhist Chaplain, and has experience in end of life support. If you wish to meet with her, please contact us.


Cross Organisational Support and Services
Like-minded organizations and groups can also rent our facilities. You do not have to be a Buddhist to visit or participate in activities – everyone is welcome! For more information please complete an enquiry form here.