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Mahamudra Centre for Universal Unity is a peaceful and welcoming Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Centre on the stunning Coromandel Peninsula, affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT).

We offer opportunities to reflect and meditate on the authentic teachings of the Buddha through a variety of
events and retreats in a kind and respectful  environment. Our Retreat Centre is an ideal place to develop inner peace, clarity, compassion, wisdom and happiness in daily life.

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We have five lovely self contained retreat cabins available all year for solitary retreat.

Our centre is the ideal place to develop inner peace, clarity compassion, wisdom and happiness in daily life.

Rates for longer stays are by negotitation

Ask us about rates for Sangha



Offer Gold Leaf To Our Stupa

Mahamudra Centre is so blessed to have a consecrated stupa on our grounds. Next month, Ven Yarphel will return from the US to complete the work he and his son began last year of repainting our stupa. He’ll be assisted by trustees Murray and Ron. Venerable will then journey to DCI, our sister centre in Auckland, and offer service to its stupa.

Ven Yarphel at Mahamudra Centre in 2023

Would you like to join with other members and supporters of Mahamudra to offer gold leaf to the stupa at Mahamudra and at DCI?

There is enormous merit in making offerings to holy objects like stupas. When we pool our offerings with others, we each accrue the merit of the combined offering and create powerful virtuous karma together. So if this project moves your mind, you are very welcome to make a donation of any amount. You may like to dedicate your offering to loved ones who have died or who are facing difficulties. You can send your offering to our bank account, 02-0304-0025397-00. Please email us with your details, so we can match your name and/or dedication to your offering.


Stupas are representations of the enlightened mind of a buddha and bring powerful energy to their surroundings. In the Tibetan tradition, stupas are filled with relics and other holy objects and by their presence, bless the surrounding area and all who see them. You can see some historical photos of the stupa construction here and read about the power of stupas here.

Advice from His Holiness the Dalai Lama for the swift return of Lama Zopa

We’re delighted to share this advice from His Holiness the Dalai Lama regarding the swift return of Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s reincarnation.


As you can read in the letter below, His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave us all the precious advice to recite Chanting the Names of Noble Manjushri continuously for a few months, for the swift return of Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s reincarnation.


FPMT request all students of Lama Zopa Rinpoche to please recite this as much as you can continuously, starting now. 


In a few months' time, His Holiness will be consulted again.


Here is the link to the prayer: Chanting the Names of Noble Manjushri


Here is an audio clip of Lama Zopa Rinpoche reciting the Chanting the Names of Noble Manjushri:


The letter from His Holiness’ Private Office:

As requested by the devotees of FPMT centres for observation regarding the quick return of the late Zopa Rinpoche’s reincarnation, the result of the observation as follows:

Please recite Names of Manjushri (Jampal Tshen Jo) continuously for now and in a few months’ time observation will be performed again. 

From His Holiness the Dalai Lama 

Dated 18 October, 2023

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